I wonder why some men like women that are endowed at the backside. Is it some biological or evolutionary effect for men to be attracted to a mould of flesh at the rear of the opposite sex? So many online researches to understand why men like the opposite sex’s buttocks yielded no convincing result. When I decided to start a direct asking of girls that are endowed at the back, most of them felt so shy to respond to the question. The very few who were able to answer the questions seemed not to actually know why but hinted that men generally liked any round mould of flesh like the thighs, breasts and buttocks.

Recently on facebook,  a girl posted a picture and within minutes the number of likes and comments were really many. All those who commented and liked the picture were all guys with some praising the girl for her ‘voluptuous ass’. Some guys were even leaving their phone numbers and were asking the girl to call them.

Even the men themselves seem no to know the reason why they admire girls with big buttocks. The common answers that were given was ‘ big buttocks makes girls look sexy and hot and that drives them crazy’.

I knew something did not seem right with all the answers that both men and women were giving. Some men too do not like women with big buttocks. These group of men also gave answers that could not explain why they did not like big buttocks. The most common answer was ‘big buttocks look nasty and unattractive to them and they prefer slim or average girls with small or average buttocks’.

The only hypothesis that seems to explain why some men like or dislike big buttocks is the sexual orientation and perception during adolescence. Those whose orientations and perceptions were shaped towards big or small buttocks would later in life prefer big and small buttocks. Factors that seemed to shape those perceptions and orientations were the early exposure to matters concerning size of buttocks either by peers or by other people . Also the exposure to movies and reading materials that in a way  added to the curiosity to find answers to these questions early in life. People may agree or disagree with this hypothesis but the search for the answers to why men like big buttocks will still continue.